Repairman Forced To Eat Shit

Pissdrinking Whore

Tipsy whore drinking piss like it’s beer!

Milf Ellie – Smelly

Very smelly panty early in the morning…

208 Mistr Isabella Scat And Fans

208 This is a fetish and SCAT video with my slave Coccorocco during his holydays here in Sardinia by me. This is a situation video, video of 43 min, but speaking in Italian Language, but intresting for all stranger because some things happen, pissing, eating, scat, uniliation…. the light is not so good, i need a diffuser????? because the light is to much and from the down, so i do not like me in this video. But the video is TRUE, exiting and very long. MP4

Teacher Punishes Schoolgirls With After School Detention

A group of naughty schoolgirls are made to stay behind after class for their misbehaving during class. Little does this teacher know that these girls are exoerienced mistresses trained in the school of Yapoos Market. To practice their trade, they all decide to carry out revenge on this teacher who has no idea of how far this punishment will go. They kick him down to the ground and batter him down using chairs. After stripping him and positioning his head at the side of the desk, they hold his mouth open while each of the trainee yapoos mistresses take their turns in pushing out fresh scat into his helpless mouth. He is getting both pee and scat in various deliveries. After delivering their loads into his mouth, their smother the bits he is unable to swallow before beating and humiliating him. After they have finished, they leave him humiliated and helpless on the ground before leaving him like the piece of shit that he is. **$5 Discount for longer clip**