Restroom Piss And Cat

Vomit Pee And Spit Eater

A toilet slave to be trained is carefully secured with foil for its first use. Chantal and Domi just wanted to piss him in the mouth and see how well he works, but then Lady Domi decides to teach him to eat vomit. The poor slave has no chance, he gets jerked up and has to obey unconditionally. Everything is shoved into his mouth by the ladies and they order him to swallow.

Shitting Nasty Log

I have to shit so badly and you will watch me how I do it . You fucking pervert !

Farting – Liquid And Strong!

My strong, liquid and loud farting, I also do and strong pee!

Diamond’s Diarrhea Discharge!!

Diamond Keeps it Funky in her Pooping Premiere!! Enjoy as she spreads nice and wide to Shit out this mudbutt in a trashbag. It was a nice mudslide coming out that ass in this clip. Diamond is my newwest addition, but she has already moved to the head of the class with her clips! OMG I can just imagine how that smelled!! One day smell-o-vision