Restroom Poop

Shit For Your Breakfast

Desired morning treat for the toilet slave. Today I was very generous and fed my slave with my delicacies. Today I had a banana and a yogurt for breakfast. The slave was very excited, watching me eat. He wanted to eat my breakfast again, but already out of my ass. The shit came right in his mouth and the slave did not remain hungry. I filled the slave’s mouth to the limit.

Oxana Lime Tights Huge

Oxana is loading huge shit in her new lime pantyhose tights.

Piss Drinker!

The office restroom is out of order and the nearest public restroom is several kilometers away! These ladies badly want to pee so their male colleague gives a solution – he will drink all their piss! So he lies down on the floor and the ladies fall in line to relieve themselves. Using a funnel with a tube inserted in his mouth, they pee as he drinks it all. After each girl pees, they sit on his face so he can lick her pussy clean off leftover urine.