Retro Shitting

Man Grabbed And Pissed On His Face In The Basement! – Full Movie

With problems in the buildingÂ’s piping, this man is sent down the basement to locate the source of the issues. However, he ends up finding something else instead! He lays eyes on a half-naked sweetheart who is then fast to grab, take off his shirt, and lay him on the floor! Before he could get up, she sits on his face and smothers him with her crotch! Eventually, she rips off her stockings and takes off her panties, while in the middle of doing so, she would repeatedly urinate on him! When none of her lower garments are left, she orders him to lick her pussy clean! Though, she later lays him down on a couch and pisses on him again! From time-to-time, she would sit on his face and pushes her vagina inside his mouth! She would later reposition herself, on the floor and on a chair, but her routines and torment stay the same: face sitting and urinating!

Poop Sessions On Couch Part 1

Girls Uses Man

She Is Peeing

She is peeing (JJ000579)