Reverse Shitting

Fucking And Toilet Slavery With My Girl

In this movie you can see 2 types of domination. First in a hotel room i fuck my girlfriend till she cumm then in bathroom another friend girl is used as toilet and receive a hard humiliation with piss drinking and swallowing from a bowl and licking the toilet. Also a bonus movie with a speculum inside her asshole and pissing right into her ass then she farting expulsing her piss and shit.

Mistress Roberta – Lazy Pooping In Panties-pov

Today i am feeling lazy and i make my bed so i can poop and pee in it but also i will do your breakfast in the panties first i pee and after i poop an nice meatball looking poop and i get also smeared alot on my ass cheeks and ass hole so you will lick my ass clean and after you will eat the meatball and suck clean the panties the last one is the paper, enjoy!

Been Taken By Surprise At Sunbathing And Shamelessly Used As A Toilet!

In warm weather, I home, nude sunning myself on a nearby meadow of me. And I was surprised by a walker. He seemed to like what he saw. He asked me if I was thirsty and if I had a drink since. I had thirst, and thought he gives me what normal drinking, and told him I would have thirst! But that I had not expected. He said only that he had to drink his piss for me and before I knew it, pissed me the guy in my mouth and I had to swallow his yellow spicy piss!

Sissy Boy Received A Scatfull In His Mouth! – Part 2

Her buttcheeks are smeared with sticky shit, but I don’t care. I bury my face on it and lick the feces off her ass. I let the scat smear all over my face like a disgusting mask.