Rizilian Fart

Masturbation And More

I woke up horny and I had to poo. This video involves me masturbation with dildo, playing with my big tits, farting, shitting a large amount in a cup. I whippe my but.

Lady Katharina – Toilet Paper

These are the last 11 Minutes in HD where Lady Katharina let lick her asshole from the toilet slave and shits some small pieces which the slave has to eat from the floor mixed with her delicious spit.

Shitty Farts From Mistress

Every day there’s more of us using my personal human toilet. Good Mistress always wants to take a shit on the loser’s face. Today I wanted very much to take a shit and the slave has received a true bunch of it. The slave has assumed his position under the toilet chair. I sat on it and without saying a word had defecate on his face. This time I had to be sure that loser face was fully covered with my stinky shit.

Geneva’s Stankin Ass Diarrhea Explosion!!

Clips like this make you want to curse out loud!! I guarantee a ?Got Dayum!? or a ?Fuck!!? or a ?HOLY Shit!? will come out as you hear the noises coming out this woman?s ass in this clip!! Something Geneva ate had her stomach upset some kind of terrible! I swear this is one of those clips that needs to be played on your surround sound!! One of the most Fart-tastic clips I have ever seen!! Lots of toots and Stomach gurgling diarrhea noises!! This woman is a mubutt champion!!