Rotic Pooping

Goddess Kumora Toilet Wreckers

2 scenes of Goddess Kumora totally wrecking her toilet bowl. She puts out some huge long sloppy turds out of her perfectly round ass. Follow the Goddess @TheGoddessKB1 on twitter.

Matilda’s Epic Scat And Vomit Fun

Well, this is very epic video we made only yesterday, with length more than half an hour so while downloading it you may feel almost fresh atmosphere of vomit, shit and my enthusiasm which I put into it.I have decided not to separate it into parts, because this is complete, harmonic masterpiece and separating it will be a crime against art and my sense of beauty.I have never had such experience on camera including pee, shit and vomit in one video, I have an idea also to try to do something like that when I will have periods, so the picture will be full, pee, shit and vomit.This time I have made my girlfriend to take part in video and help me. Well, see yourself, what happened from this.

Wet Farts!!!

I visited my normal toilet and my human toilet is waiting for me. I piss then I farted but shit comes out it was very wet and splashed all over his face! Ha ha ha

Debbie Does…some Of Every Fuckin’ Thing

MFX has nothing on this chick. This latin honey could walk past you and you’d just never imagine…I mean, I didn’t even know how to categorize this…When I say this chick does it all, you better believe it. She lactates her beautiful misilky tits, pees her panties, shits herself, then grabs some in her hand for you, eats some snot, and then washes it down with more tittie milk. I mean, I don’t if there is anything whore WON’T do…(puke next time maybe?)