Rough Forced Vomit

Swallow My Liquid Shit

I left for few days and my slave smell my odor, of course, and very missed his Mistress. But now, when I came – is time to eat something tastier. I cant hold my huge liquid shit any longer so he has to open his mouth wide open because I can feel that it’s going to be huge! Hot, smelly, nasty diarrhea! Oh yes! And my ass is still wide open so I command him to stick his tongue deep inside my asshole and tongue fuck it. Oh it feels so damn good!

Shitting In The Neighbourhood

I take a little walk on a trail in my neighbourhood! But suddenly: The urge to poop! But why should I go into the forrest if I can take the dump right on the street?

Scat Cats 04

We have a new scat slave wow! First both of us piss in his mouth, then Kimi Cat shits a very very big pice of yummy creamy shit in his pathetic mouth! We spit at him and push all the scat deep inside his mouth!

Piss And Scat Outdoors Part I

today you will see scat show in the wild:I fucking horny and need to shit a summer morning and is waiting for you a bunch of crap…film is in four parts