Round Ass Pooping

3 Goddesses – Cbt And Scat Feeding With Foot

In the first part 2 Goddesses use and abuse her slave with strapons, cbt and different kind of pain and in the final part, Scat Goddess call her toilet boy at her place and she try to use him as full toilet. Shebegin with a teasing part few times and show him her asshole in a closer look to excite him…..She use him as ashtray and trampling him in her room, then she order him to go to bath because she really need to relieve in his mouth asap ! In the main part, she really know how to feed her full toilet : with her feet ! She push her shit with feet many times into his throat, chocking him in her kaviar !

Mistress Anita Strapon Fucking And Piss Drinking

Mistress Anita wanna fuck hard a nice asshole today. She call her slave and use on his ass her new strapon for her dirty pleasures. She deepthroat it into his mouth, then shove it full inside his asshole. At the end, she offer him her golden nectar, her champagne to remember this session.

Pooping Princesses Stinking Up Their Roomates Shower!!

Our Roomie was taking her shower the other morning, but Scat Sweeties Shit just couldn’t wait!! We bumrushed the bathroom camera in tow. When you see the size of the 1st log that shot out of Sweetie’s ass you will see why we couldn’t wait!! lol OMG!! It smelled so bad in there!! It was a full house in that bathroom! Me with camera, Sweetie on the pot, and our Roomate still in the shower. You don’t get to see her, but she joins in the convo. Good thing we are ladies and our poop smells like roses, hehehe!! Nah but she’s cool and didn’t mind the stench.

Matilda’s Happy Day. Part 2. Second Camera Raw Footage

Hi Everyone, it is Matilda, Well, some time passed and I felt desire for dirty games again, it was happy day, I came to my girlfriend and when we saw each other we understood that today is the day? The day of scat games and filming?, After my scat video session we had passionate scat sex which she is too shy to show now, but maybe one day she will be brave enough. At least we have filmed it for future generations.This time I felt more relaxed and horny than last time during my first session, and I hope you will like everything you see.We are novices in scat and filming and hope to make our stuff better and better with every new session. Your support is very important for us.This is footage from the second camera.