Roup Of Guys Pee On Homeless Man

Burgunday Gym Shorts

PISS SHIT KEEPING IT SEXY Post spaghetti bolognaise

Time To Feed The Toilet!

My toilet is broken in and I need to take a dump again. But he tells me he is a believer, and he believe sex is a sin, but having a constant boner next to me is not? Well for sure if no one else punish him, I will! I start slapping his face, and making smell my armpits. I have him lay down on the floor, and I shit in his toilet mouth! But he really misses a lot, and Tina Blade is visiting me, so she brings a spoon to feed him. But I have more for him, and I position me above him to take another dump. Now he’s got more than a mouthful. I call my other slave over to clean my ass with his tongue, which should be a privilege. Before I piss in the toilet again, making sure my logs stay moist. I am not satisfied before I have spoon fed him every piece of shit! So from now on, his only religion should be me and my shit!

Hard Or Soft Poop For Frank ?!

Mh, it was his wish: a hard turd. I try it and you may watch up close! The camera is below me great perspective! And, hard or soft? After the video YOU ​​know it:-)

Replenishment Shit For Thomas

He has a high wear on my shit ::) freuts me, I’m the chosen one! So i poop again in a can, then immediately goes into the shipping. Including close-up view after the shit.