Rown Skin Women Pooping

Pooping Q&a

This clip is several dollars off my usual per-minute rate because only the last approx. 5 minutes are actual toilet action. Have you ever asked me a question about my toilet habits and haven’t got an answer, or have you just wondered about my toilet habits? In this video I show off my ass, bouncing it, shaking it and spanking it while I answer every question i’ve ever been asked about my toilet habits, farting habits, anal sex habits etc. My answers are dirty, explicit and completely truthful and I show off my big white booty while I answer them. At the end of this clip, once i’ve finished answering all your questions, I need a shit, so I take the camera into the bathroom with me so you can see how true all my answers were. First I do a few farts that i’ve been holding in during the question section of the video, you can see my asshole moving as the gas escapes it. Then it’s time to poop and this is the most close-up the camera has ever been to my ass while i’ve taken a shit, so enjoy seeing it in all its detailed glory. I get into doggystyle and push out a MASSIVE pile of relatively soft logs (not diarrhoea soft, just a little soft). I show off my dirty ass afterwards, letting you see it really close-up. Then I wipe just once, leaving a big streak of poop coming up from my asshole to the top of my ass crack. Lastly, I show you the big pile of mess, the toilet paper after i’ve wiped and my dirty asshole nice and close-up.

My Girl Has Diarrhea And I Fucking Love It!

We were in the middle of a date when her stomach starts feeling funny. She asks to head back to the condo so she can shit in peace. The sick bastard in me takes advantage of this opportunity to get as much scat as I can from the situation. I let her sit on my face so I can lick her asshole for stimulation. After a couple of minutes, she’s ready…her scat exploded all over my face!

Shitting In The Middle Of The Hall

I do not anymore and just had me in shit and piss on the floor. The whole you get back in a great close-up view.