Running To Bathroom To Take Shit

Fetish Doll And Shit

I’ve been wanting to do a doll Fetish for a long time. They are so submissive and they will accept everything, and keep silent. My shit is so soft, it cracks and falls on the doll’s face. I imagine in this moment the face of a slave, your face! As I smear, I’ll start to feed, pushing my hands into his mouth. Still, scat is such a pleasure.

Greedy Slave Mouth Filled With Pee

The small, greedy slave mouth wanted to be filled with my delicious pee. So slave, take your place, open your mouth and swallow the whole delicious juice of the mistress …. As a reward, he receive some nice face slaps in the end 🙂

Would You Like To Smell?

Come on! Come here! Look! I know you like my feet, but most of all is something else that you like. Look! Do you want to smell them?