Runny Poo In The Toilet

Morning Toilet Servitude With Mistress Roberta

Today my pot will be received with the scat directly in his mouth and after i shit in my pot’s mouth i push the huge amount of shit in his troat so he can eat a bit faster but my slave is stating playing with the shit again instead of eating it so i take the cane and punish him for that, enjoy !

Mistress Gaia – Riding Scat

I have just returned from riding, I still have my riding boots muddy and I need to shit! Sitting comfortably, I call my slave to clean them, while shabby, and then humiliate him heavily, making him lick my shit, straight from the ground and from the soles of my boots. Smear him on the face, and finally, after a good enema, I will serve my delicious cocktails to drink. A very special video …

New Toilet Domination! Adelina Frau! Part 2

This is the second part of the video, in which Adelina Frau dominates and humiliate her toilet slave. He lick and clean her beautiful ass and kiss her pretty legs. Then she sits between two chairs and command the slave to lick her asshole with his tongue. She is very excited and relaxed, slave was entered deeply in her ass and get a large portion of delicious shit from the source. She make him a masturbate with shit in his mouth and finishe. Slave should thank Adelina Frau for a delicious dinner. She is beutiful and taste of her shit is very pleasant and sweet. If you want to be in slavery of such beautiful girl you must become a toilet for her!

Xmas Sale #6

Countdown to xmas sale video #6 Eat it up slave!!!