Rushing My Teeth With Shit Rushing My Teeth With

Heap Of Shit In The Entrance

My New Sweet video. I called up a slave and he said he wants to be my toilet. But he does not manage to arrive at the appointed time. So we agreed that I would shit a heap on the balcony for him and he would transfer the money to me. I filmed the whole process on the camera and shit right into the newspaper, then I spat into this heap and left after payment. Do you want me to pile up a bunch for you, toilet? Just call me)

Two Dominas And One Toiletslave

Contessa Calucci has today her friend Lady Luciana di Domizio to visit. Lady Luciana introduces her toilet to the Contessa. The lucky slave has the honor to clean Lady Luciana’s ass with his tongue. As he does this well, he gets a costume of his caviar served directly into his mouth. The rest, however, saves the lady to rub his slave body with her noble caviar.Contessa and her tranny whore are interested in this performance. Since the tranny whore has done her services as a silent subject very well, she get stretched her ass with by Contessas fist.


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