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Office Woman Gets Revenge, Domination And Pissing On Man’s Face! – Full Movie

While still being a normal office employee, a lady gets maltreated and fucked by her boss! However, the tides have now turned! Who once was helpless have now over ranked her boss and she intends to make her painful revenge! She begins with tying a leash around the guy’s neck and then having him give her a massage! Shortly after, she has him strip off his clothes! As soon as he is only left with his underwear, she begins whipping his back as well as barrages it with a series of kicks! In no time, he is rolling all over the floor in pain and defeat, but this isn’t enough to stop the lady from her torment! She pulls him up by the leash and then takes off her stockings as well as panties! She then feeds him with her pussy! Though, not long after, she lays him on his back on the ground and urinates on top of his face! She prepared for the occasion by having a full bladder! In addition, she makes sure to spray accurately into his nose and mouth!

Late Night Hardworking Husband Made To Drink Piss!

This man spends his entire evening in front of his computer doing a lot of work to a point that he forgets to take his dinner. By the time he is struck by hunger, he calls for his wife! Apparently, she gets irritated because after he ignored her cooking earlier, he now has the audacity to order her around! This is the final straw for her, causing her to teach him a lesson! Without warning, he strips off his clothes and then throws him on the floor! She then drags him to their bedroom where she proceeds to take off the rest of his clothes as well as urinate inside a bowl! By the time she is finished doing so, she pours all her piss inside his mouth, leaving him with no choice but to swallow mouthful after mouthful! The dominatrix only stops when not even a single drop remains!

Rebekka Lets You Watch Her Piss

Rebekka Fox hangs up a towel quickly, before she has to visit the toilet urgently. Her blister is hurting under pressure; but for showing you how hot her piss-show is, she undresses completely before. Then she sits down on the toilet bowl with spread legs and starts peeing. You’ll be really close to see how it runs out of her pussy.

Belegter Kaviar-butterbrot #6/4 – Wmv 1280×720

Violett liegt auf seinem Rücken mit den Füßen, die auf dem Fußboden hoch hochgezogen sind, und Joe über dem auseinander gerissenen Kätzchen der Frau, hockt und Scheiße, pisst dann. Violett erteilt Weisungen dem Sklaven, dass die voll geschissenen ihn ihn von seinem Kätzchen wer zum Teufel essen lassen. Joe isst automatisch, aber Violett nimmt die Scheiße aus seinem Kätzchen, und füttert den Mann mit ihm. WMV, 5 Minuten 19 Sekunden, 1280×720 in einer Größe.