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Smiley Cup

Want to see me put a smile on this cup’s face? It’s easy, I just a take a nice, hot, steaming poop right into it! You get to watch close up as the shit comes pouring out of my tight hole!

Lil Stink Does It All!! Peeing, Farting, Plops And Diarrhea!!

Lil Stink Really had a FUNKY Week!! Enjoy another great collection of clips from everyone?s favorite tattooed booty!! Lil Stink returns with seven great post holiday plops and splashes. She starts with a couple pee clips then comes back with great clip at home. She has a little constipation problem, and has no problem discussing it with her friend who is out in the hall observing her grunts and strains. She lets out some unusually loud farts while trying to push out logs to no luck! She had no problems in the remaining four clips as the peeing and ploppage is on flex!! In the final clip she catches a case of the bubbleguts and let out a steady stream of loose shit! A little bit of everything to end the year in style from Lil Stink!! I swear she saved the best for last in her final two clips of the year!! A nice end of the year treat from the Stinker!!

Big Sausage Ball In Great Quality

Again a hot sausage ball and afterwards pressed out or a bead. What an amazing feeling, something thick through my tight asshole to press 😉