Russian Mistress Pee Ker

Two Scat Mistress Shitting On 2 Girls Shitting

These two mocking suits were to be visited by suzan-marc had nothing better to do than to get the two scat sis for the two sluts-Horny tits games between the girls, then pupping the dominas on the back during the games, then tossing and pushing into the mouth- the whole shit is then messed over the bodies – you see they love it more and moreProduced by Suzan and Marc

Shitting In Your Mouth

Hi my lovers, I am kinky nasty Lola and today I want to be really nasty and dirty just for you. I want you to open your mouth and eat my shit. Comon my slave, I have very big shit for you, watch me shit after toying my dirty ass with my Dildo and Beads… eat it all my love let me fill your mouth.

Shit Looking Like Curly Fries

Hey! You want some shit curly fries? This is the softest shit ever. Watch as the shit slides out with ease with no breakage. As it slides out of her ass it forms a long swirl. Grab your forks and spoons or just use your fingers and dig