Russian Pee Party

Mistress Roberta -public Toilet Transformation

Today my pot will be transformed in a public toilet with my help i will pee first on him, after i am shitting in his mouth telling him to eat untill i come back with an fresh enema, and after i spit on him and make him stroke his cock maybe also some male spearm to have in the mix but seems that only my pussy juices will remain in the mix for my future public toilet because he cannot cum, so enjoy th play.

Goodness Grace’s Overhead And Below Bombs

Goodness Grace Keeps playing with the angles!! I love this girl. Each clip is something different each time!!! Enjoy as she pops a squat above the toilet and gives us the aerial view as she drops bombs in the bowl!! Enjoy the overhead angle as each log slides out her ass!! you can see some turtling even as well!! Then in the second enjoy as she grunts and strains on the toilet before unloading another nice pile right in front the camera!! Enjoy as she makes it reign from right out her poop shoot!! Two great ploptastic clips combined!!

Piss Drinker At The Car

Princess Nikki is sitting at the car and pissing all over the car. her slave lick all the piss from the car!