Russian Shit Plate

Diarrhea In London

We are in London to feed one slave, but the travel made my bally moving badly. After the slave worshipped us it was time for his breakfast. It was very spry and nasty diarrhoea but he ate it all. Or I have to say drank it hahahahaha. If you want to be on his place next time, write me! Soon in New York too!

Hot Morning Female Shit In Jeans

Hot morning female shit in jeans

Diva Staxxx’s Got The Squirts!!

Diva Staxxx had the squirts one day and took us along for the ride!! Enjoy Three Explosive Dumps from one FUNKY Day!!! She starts off with a watery overhead dump allowing you to see the liquid browns explode out that big ass of hers! Then Enjoy two more gassy, runny dumps – all while out at her mama’s house!!! Poor girl, blowing up mama’s bathroom once again!! Wonder what she ate!!

Shitting And Cum In Drawer

Shitting and cum in drawer (JJ000481)