Russian Toilet Shit Cam

Brunch Dump

Just got back from brunch near the park and had to poop badly, so i held it until i got home (since i can sometimes get a bit poop-shy in public)… what a relief that was!

Shocking Teenage Pissgirls Drink Pee

Yes, they do that for real. they swallow other girls piss cause they are into it… Lesbian teenagers in extreme action!

Spy Cam Catches Women Shitting Cluelessly In Public Toilets!

Public restrooms are so common in the city that women have no qualms going there to take a dump. What they didn’t know is that some of these restrooms have spy cams in there, waiting to record women in the act of unloading their shit. Everyday, the cam sees types of asses and different types of scat being unloaded into the toilet bowls. Maybe you can look for this spy cams and check out all the scatting action!

The Piss Dirt Sow!

Here I’ll bottled by 4 guys with extremely salty piss and used as a living urinal! Have again swallowed greedily all the guys piss. So it should be as a dirty pig!