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Mistress Roberta – Socks Sucking And Shit In Bathtub

Today Mistress Roberta continue her stories with her toilet slave. She call him for their first shitting video in 2018 and she explain him that today he will be brainfucked with her socks who are dirty from the end of 2017 ! She smoke and tease him blowing in is mouth and spiting in his mouth then she use her dirty socks in her human washing machine for cleaning them. After the socks humiliation part, Mistress order her toilet to go to bath and prepare himself for a nice shitting scene because she is so full inside !! A perfect diarrhea and turds are going right into her toilet mouth and face and he was obliged to chew, eat and stroke his flacid cock until he become hard with her shit.

All Of Our Fingers

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Two Mistresses Use Slave Outdoor And Public!

My dominatrix girlfriend Steffi and I have one of our slave, Outdoor and Public, used dirty in front of spectators on a forest trail! The slave was very embarrassing watching the people here as we used him as our Living toilet! We both pissed him successively in his dirty mouth and he had to swallow our entire piss. That was quite a lot and because he had obediently swallowed everything he was allowed as a reward, Steffi`s cunt lick clean!