Sabel Ice Piss

Mature Degraded Toilet Sluts 1.

Two old female whores are badly abused and degraded by two men, who piss on the sluts, shit on them and then cover both of them in piles of dirt and manure !!

Pantypoop And Piss-crass Ennoble

I ennoble my blue Panty with my poop,too much poop….first i piss my panty full,ah so warm Pissbeam!! Then,i sit on the bathtub ledge and turn the ass against the side,then comes the soft poop… panty is full from my shit…..i will stick to the panty,and show you my crass smeared ass!! Come,want you lick my ass clean?

Saturday Shit 01

This new video shows my last Saturday evening scat session. I properly used my toilet seat with slave lying under. He was all the time with his mouth open ready for the toilet service. I love shitting in his stupid mouth! During this, he has the task to chew and swallow everything until the last piece of cake. It must be a great feeling for slave to be my toilet. The best thing he eats, smells and inhales is the fragrance of my shit!

Scat Sweetie’s Sausage Casing Dump!!

Enjoy Two great new clips from us. In the first clip Enjoy as Sweetie lets out some Mucous covered logs! It looked like the casing on a Sausage!! OMG it was so much!! It?s like she blew her nose with her asshole!!! Then enjoy as she squeezes out even more Hot Links in the second, longer clip!! Two Great clips loaded with plenty of scat action!!