Sabrina Blond Pissfuck

Office Woman Gets Revenge, Domination And Pissing On Man’s Face! – Part 2

Eventually, the sweetheart starts stripping the man of his clothes! Once he is left with only his underwear, she puts him down on his knees and begins barraging his back with a series of whips and hits! In no time, he is on the floor rolling in agony and defeat! However, that isn’t going to stop the woman who then takes off her stockings and panties and then feeds the victim with her pussy! It doesn’t end there, she later follows it with laying the victim on the floor and urinating on his face! The sweetheart has prepared for the scenario with a full bladder! In addition, she makes sure to accurately spray into his mouth and nose, leaving him gagging and desperately grasping for air!

He Loves His Maid’s Wet Fart! – Part 2

He even licks and fingers her asshole in order to stimulate it to produce more fart. He makes her sit on his face so he can get total assault with her smelly fart.

Miss Flowers – Hospitable P1

Today we are invited by Miss Flowers and my toilet slave is very excited. Miss Flowers is very hospitable. The toilet slave must all the time lying on the floor. Miss Flowers must also urgent and using the toilet slaves immediately. First peeing completely empty, everything in his mouth. Then shits with relish a really nice soft turd shit in his mouth. As is seen that the turd is easy to chew and slides easily down the throat. The slave swallows everything what is to come, awesome.