Sadomazo Piss Grls

Ready For Miss Cherie

I commanded a slave to come here, because Miss Cherie needs a toilet. As soon as he is there, she puts her butt over his open mouth. First he gets a powerful beam of pee in his face, followed by a neat portion of shit. A bit too much for the stupid slave, but Miss Cherie feels relieved, allowing the loser to eat the rest of it from the ground.

Honey Brown’s A Snake Charmer!!

Honey Brown is back with three great new clips!! This Sexy 45 year old is still as seductive as ever!! enjoy as she ?seduces? some super phat logs from out her ass!! Three great clips of ploptastic action!! I swear Honey Brown is the baddest MILF in the game! She was releasing some serious snakes in these clips!! So much action in such quick fashion!!

Melissa Breakin’ In Her New House!!

Melissa decided to take a break from her usual public toilet descruction to allow us to peep in her home restroom as she takes her first two dumps in her new house!! I know now that guys aren?t the only ones that look forward to ?Blessing? their new toilet!! Enjoy as she props that lovely ass on her new throne for the first time!! Two great new clips, that same wonderful chocolate bubblebutt!!!