Santashit Eating

Dominatrix Repeatedly Urinating Inside Man’s Mouth! – Part 3

The dominatrix continues rubbing her pussy on the man’s mouth! She takes her time and does not rush! Because of this, her bladder later gets full and she is able to urinate in his mouth again! Just like earlier, he ends up swallowing a couple of mouthfuls of her piss! Lucky for him, once she is finished, she leaves him alone.

New 2017 Princess Miya.

The slave diligently licks her ass, and as a reward he receives a portion of urine and large amount of chocolate cake right from his Mistress’s ass. Bon appetit, sleazeball.


Hot pooping in sexy gold leggins, long farts and teasing with high heels!

A Disgusting Shit-snack

This video is simply disgusting, but if you have a strong stomach and you are not fussy, it can also be simply fantastic. Are you hungry? Do you usually eat the same things and you’re tired of the same flavors? Here is Demetra’s recipe for effortless cooking and for a truly alternative snack. Ok, let’s start with the ingredients! 1) A croissant 2) Two bunches of grapes 3) The shit of a young girl 4) Urine as condiment. If you’d like eating a disgusting and alternative shit-snack, this clip is for you. Bon Appetit!