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Patient Dominated By Nurses, To Drink Piss!

It is a weekend so most of the employees of this hospital are absent, making it a conducive environment to take advantage of helpless and defenseless people! Two nurses make use of this fact, so here they are, inside the room of a patient! At first, they strip the unfortunate victim of his clothes! When they have rendered him naked, one of them feeds him with her pussy! This alone left him exhausted and grasping for his breath, but the ladies are not done just yet! The guy is then laid on the floor and gets sat on his face by the other nurse! Shortly after, she takes off her panties and smothers him with it before burying his face in between her butt cheeks! Eventually, they put a small pan on the floor and then take turns urinating inside it! After it gets full, they order the victim to drink every drop of its contents! Left with no choice, he complies with their orders!

Summer! Alina Walks And Powerfully Farts And Shitting

To remove this video, we met with Alina in the evening, near the public beach. Alina wanted to shit from the morning, but suffered for you! Alina said that in the daytime she was powerfully fired several times and had a very smelly smell, since in the summer Alina has a lot of fruits and if she does not go to the toilet in time – shit starts to roam in the rectum and constantly wants to fart. We forgot the toilet paper and Alina had to wipe the ass with a piece of wood!

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