Sasha Grey Poop


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Mistress Roberta – Creamy Shit Fountain-pov

Today i prepare your breakfast as always but the creamy shit is going out with alot of speed just like at one fountain and even if i do only few drops of pee i poop just enough to make you happy my slave ! enjoy!

Jealous Office Ladies Ganged Up On New Girl! Part 1

Part 1 – Boss has favorite at the office and it’s the new girl, maybe because she’s prettier than the other girls but she is flirting with him! This displeases the other office girls who are aiming for pay rise! After office hours they ganged up on her in the locker room. They mocked her and demanded her to take her clothes off and then one by one they injected themselves enema and squirted liquid shit out of their asses in her bag and all her stuff that they took out of her locker! By this time, bosses have heard the noise at the ladies locker room. So they went to check it out, only to find their favorite girl is lying on the floor crying and naked.. not only that but she stinks of shit too which made them run away and ordered her to clean herself and get out of the office! Looks like she’ll be finding a new job!

3 Craftsmen Pissed Into My Mouth!

I was at home and wanted to quickly bring out the garbage! As I walk around naked most, I am quickly naked, out went to the dumpsters of my apartment building. That one just 3 craftsmen worked, I really could not imagine! The looked not bad and asked me if she could go with me to the toilet. Thought they intended to use my toilet, at my home, but before I knew it, I was sitting in front of the guys and they pissed me successively in my mouth and I had to swallow their stinking piss. After they had me pissing in my mouth I had to, their tails, blow clean. In the second part I had to blow their cocks deep, until they are all 3, even injected me in my mouth and I had to swallow their sperm!