Sasha Pee Her Jeans

Gift 4 New Year In Panties

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New Girl Annie Made First Poop Order

welcome to our new girl! she made her first poop order 🙂

Giantess Diamond Jewel Chews Them Up And Shits Them Out!!

Giantess Diamond Jewel is back again! This time she has decided to ?digest? a few of her little subjects. Enjoy as she swallows them whole! Immediately after devouring her slaves, they don?t settle too well in her stomach and she gets the bubblies and has to get rid of em!! Watch as she passes them through then flushes them down the drain!! Then in another clip enjoy as she returns to Expunge some other shrunken men ? all while her old boyfriend is back spying on her!! All is forgiven as after he cheated on her. He really loves sneaking in to watch her shit. She uses the toilet she gets the bath started for the two of them to get in! Enjoy as she lets him rub on her breasts and get a taste of that phat pussy!! Then enjoy along with her shrunken love as she Makes another Plate for yet another fan of hers. Her Scat Casserole is in High demand these days!! Don?t you wish to get shrunk and toyed with by Diamond?!