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Collection_of_old_and_new_clips_mia 2017

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Sugar Hill’s Pooting, Peeing, And Plopping!!

Sugar Hill is back for more!! Enjoy as she brings a nice mix of toilet action. Over a Half dozen clips of peeing, pooting, and Ploppage!!! Enjoy as she spreads that massive ass in several scenes reverse kanga style to show the plops shooting out in the bowl. In a few enjoy as she puts that big booty right up in front the camera to let out some big farts!!!

Scat Covered

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Using My Bowl

I had to shit all day long, my stomach was bloated and I knew I wanted to enjoy a nice long shit. So I could share it with my slave, I put him under my throne and had him hold a clear bowl on his face so I could fill it up while he watched! You get to enjoy it all up close and personal.