Scatd Play

Mistress Andreea And Nicolle Use Toilet Slave In Attic Part 2

Goddess Andreea call another toilet slave today to humiliate him with her friend, Mistress Nicolle. In this movie, they order him to go upstairs in the attic and prepare for worst ! Mistresses order him to suck their strapons, to lick and suck their high heels and to worship their bodies ! A nice pissing scene in this part, where both Mistresses piss in a jar and put their piss on his body, cock, face and order him to lick it from floor. The toilet scene was recorded by a cameraman. This is part 2

The Best!mia And Toilet Slavery

1.Princess Mia decided to play with her “toilet” againMia is the most beautiful model of our studio. She is fond of humilating men and loves turning them into her slaves. Mia strangles the slave by her ass. Mia plentifully pisses and shits into the slave’s mouth. Lady sits down on the slave’s face and strangles the loser. She fidgets with her ass on his face.She spits in his face and records everything on the video camera.2.Smearing,suffocation, strangulation, choke, spitting,3.She ordered the pig to lie on the bed, blasted him whole hearted, laughed, spat into the face of this loser, while the slave resisted and tried to hide, but no, Mia really wanted to teach this worm. Then she began to choke him with her soft and elastic booty, sat on his face, laughed at him. Then she shitted in the face of a slave and laughed. And then she sat on his chest, spat, shot on the camera and smeared all her shit in the face of the stinking worm.4.The best!Mia and Toilet SlaveryScat Piss Smearing Facesitting

2 Kg Huge Shit And Piss In A Bowl

Godess was so full of piss and shitty diarrhea today and she must relive asap. She get a bowl for keep her piss and Diarrhea warm, until the toilets will arrive to drink it. A nice quantity of piss and shit Goddess produce today ! Can aproximate at 2 kg. You can handle that to ingest slave ?