Scatgirl Has Diarrhea

The Shit In The Bidet

Mistress Giorgia shows her bath to toilet slave, and wants to get a good shit to dedicate to her toilet slaves.She sits on the bidet and of course she starts off with a beautiful pissed movie on top floor, until the shit does not come, always abundant, scented and soft.The Mistress then cleans her ass with toilet paper and shows it to the camera. Then with her divine hand she takes the shit from the bidet and moves it into the water. Do you want to be the eat-shit who cleanses Mistress Giorgia’s hand with the tongue?This is the good morning of Mistress Giorgia Divina.

Sleepover With Hot Chicks Turns Nasty! – Part 1

The girls display her perky tits and make her bend over so that everyone can see her smooth asshole! They try to make her try out the enema, but she’s too scared to do it!


The opera singer stands in front of my door and he likes to eat my shit. Well let’s see, first I check his vocal qualities. But rather average. Perhaps his voice is better when I pee and shit in his mouth. First of all I spit in his mouth so that my new toilet slave knows that iam the boss here. Then he get my shit directly in his mouth. He has to chew and swallow all the crap.