Scato Girl Shitting

For Students To Pass, They Must Drink Teacher’s Piss!

Being a teacher of one of the hardest subjects in this school, this woman frequently receives visitors in her office of students begging for her to make them pass. She is so used to it that she learns to take advantage of it! In this scenario, see the lady receive two unexpected visits during two different periods from different male students. What she does with the first is she makes him strip off his clothes and gets him to lie down on the floor! After which, she uses a makeshift funnel and secures it on the guy’s lips, preventing wasting even a single drop of piss as she urinates into his mouth! What she does with the other student is the same, only that she doesn’t use the funnel and messily pisses all over his head!

Lolli Plugged In The Ass

Hmmm … a delicious Schokololli. A customer has requested a tasty lollipop. … Hmmm what a great feeling !!

P – 2 Drink My Pee – 09 – Hq 640×480

HQ 640×480, time 6:39. Toilet slavery. Toiletman will drink all her pee.