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Just Woke Up

I am waking up and feel that i need to piss and shit so i do it right down on the floor from the bed.

Lil Stink’s Back With More (ass) Crack

Lil Stink is back!! After taking a little break this summer to work, Lil Stink returns with a new FUNKY half dozen new clips! I swear I missed her ass!!!! When I talk about the best asses around, I always manage to omit her from the list. Looking at this clip good lawd!! She might have the best ass around pound for pound in this fetish!!! Lots of great peeing and pl0ppage as usual!!! Enjoy as she drops loads off both at home and at work. What is she eating? I swear that ass has gotten phatter and so have her loadz!! She really pushed out some Massive logs in this!!! The KERPLUNK factor was on Batman levels!! Come get you another fix!!!

Thick Girl Shit In Pantyhose.

Thick girl shit in tights and then blurs all shit on his big ass.