Scatquen Feed Her Sklave

Pee And Shit In A Tub

this is a short video showing me crouch down in a tub and i begin to pee its a long pee then i start to push turds out my ebony assyou hear the turds drop in the tub every drop makes you want to cumbut hold it for the thick turd that’s easing its way out.Now it comes out and makes loud thump that makes you explode this a quickie that you need incase someone is around or u have to go quickly enjoy nasty boy

Mistress Gaia – Lunch Pack Scat Treat – Hd Version

Although my slaves are not entitled to any lunch. I decided to give you a little treat. I am going to prepare a lunch pack for you. Make sure you handle it carefully, and don’t waste any while opening it. Enjoy the lunch SCAT treat of Goddess Mistress Gaia…

Her Ass Is Smeared With Shit And I Love It! – Part 1

She sits on my face and unloads chunks of shit in my mouth. She feeds me morsels of shit and makes me chew it. She rubs her pretty feet on my face to smear the rest of the shit all over me.