Scatquenns Berlin Video Gratis

Enslaved Toilettpig Gets His Scat

my worthless slave gets his hands tied up with some cable ties. his feet get tied on chains. i shit in his face and smear the poop all over him. then he has to lick my dirty asshole clean. that he licks greedy he gets a few blows with the cane. thats how a slave should be treated!!!

Matilda’s Kitchen And Bathroom Scat Destruction. Part 1

Hello guys, I want to share with you one more superb video which we have done not so long time ago..My neighbor left his apartment to visit his mom in other city and left me keys from his apartment so I could watch and feed hif his fucking parrot.Well, when me and my GF saw this apartment we have shared the samethought to make video there, because light and environment was perfectthere, I hope my neighbor will never see this video and recognize his apartment especially his kitchen ? table where he eats and his bathroom where he bathes..This is great video full of passion and perverted things like lost of scat, pee and vomit.See for yourself..The length is over 40 minutes. first 12 minutes we were filming on our great new camera, then it stopped working and we continued filming on other cameras, however result is great.. see for yourself.Kisses,Matilda

Melissa’s Shitting Sideways!!

Melissa?s back with two new quick clips!! She?s coming at you sideways, but you gonna love it!!! Enjoy as she comes into the bathroom to wash her hands. Suddenly she gets the urge to use the toilet. Enjoy as she pees then proceeds to drop a load in the first clip. In the second enjoy another good side angle as she pulls down her tight jeans and pees and takes another dizzump! Peeing, Pooting, and poop all in two great scenes!! Melissa is getting back in the mix with the quickness!!

Mistress Gaia Unusual Sitting

A very special defecation in a very unusual position. Thanks to my posture you can contemplate my perfect ass from a new perspective and enjoy even better as my shit comes out! Enjoy the view, come on, take it!To succeed in seeing the clips, I suggest you to get hold of VLC media player. Also visit my website Mistress Gaia..