Scatting She Males

Tasting My Filthy Panty

Well, Toilet Pig, I’m glad to see you again as my toilet. Today, you will not only perform your direct duties, but also do the washing of my dirty panties. I finish my load and rub it all around inside my soaked panties, smearing my diarrhea all over my luscious ass cheeks before teasing you. I smear the turd between my filthy cheeks before taking off my panties completely, showing off the load inside ? I proceed to smear my stinky booty right in front of your nose, peeking out from between my legs and I savor the moment. So glad I got to share it with you! ? Now open your mouth, pig, and suck my filthy panty!

New Toiletman P1

Now it gets serious for the new toilet slave. He has applied as a living toilet pig and wanted to be used by the Scatqueens as a toilet. Here you go, he now gets from us. Lady Angie leans over his toilet mouthl and shits a huge pile in his mouth, which overflows at once. But not enough. Mistress Michelle craps a nice pile on top. The pile of shit is getting bigger.

Backed Up

I made this clip on 2 separate days. My family had an extremely stressful week. After everything started to calm down I felt a huge poop beginning its journey out…that is when I realized I had not pooped in at least 7 to 8 days. Here are to big hard constipated poops that made me creamy in one video. I can fell another one making it journey right now. I may drink some prune juice to help this one and create more gas.