School Girls Poo Toilet

Shugo’s Painful Piss Training!

Shugo tried his best to grip the mouth of the plastic bottle to please his mistresses. His young mistresses, Aya and Hanue, didn’t take kindly to slaves that hesitated. Aya dropped her SOILED panties and showed Shugo her filthy crack. She didn’t want to squat, and peed directly into open, cut bottle to hit Shugo’s willing throat with her stinky, salty fluid. Shugo gagged but hid the sound, as he nearly drowns from the abundance of the warm pee from Aya. He lays on the floor perfectly still, ready for more training, more whipping, and more punishment from his cruel mistresses. With his belly full of foul pee, he is ordered to bend over, on his knees, and puke the pee out. The fluid gurgles from his stomach and rushes upward in a painful, acidic rush – up his throat and out of his aging mouth. Shugo gasps at the pain and pleasure, as he looks at what his mistresses want to do with him next.

Scat Goddess And Bbw Goddess Use Slave

Today you have another combined movie with 2 MIstresses and same slave. First slave was going to his BBW Domme and he receive a nice humiliation from her. She unlock his chastity and allow him to stroke his pathetic cock, only if he can do that with her ass and pussy on his mouth ! Then slave was going to Mistress Margo (Scat Goddess) for a great feeding. She use him as ashtray, order him to smell her feet, her socks and to lick her shoes. Then she shit on a plate and give him his morning meal, helping him with a duct tape on mouth. She sealed his mouth and waiting to swallow her kaviar ! Another great combined humiliation movie with BBW Domme and Scat Goddess.

Mistress Emily – Shit Abundance

Working in slavery of Mistress Emily as a toilet is a great honor for slave and he must earn my trust and prove his devotion before I start using it daily to shit. I always wear beautiful underwear on my sports sexy body, which leads my toilet slave in great delight. He lies on the floor and licks my dirty shoes with his tongue. What are you nasty and dirty toilet slave, open your mouth and swallow my spits. This is an integral part of your toilet work. I do not care how you feel now, how much you want to continue your job, your responsibilities to open your mouth and wait until I fill it with my big nasty shit. You just already so excited that you stop feeling the smell and dislike of my shit. You get pleasure from the fact that I use and humiliate you. I sit down on the dresser and begin to shit slowly into your mouth. I feel that your mouth is full and you can not speak, but I’m still shit to cover all your face. In the finale of the clips, I’ll piss in your mouth so you can swallow all my nasty shit.

Shiteater Handcuffed To The Stairway Part 3 Gabi

His Arms handcuffed to the Stairway made an Excellent Toilet Chair for the Girls. Meanwhile the Girl checking her Messages the Slave was getting his Mouth filled with Diarrhea among other Things. Some found it very important him swallowing every little Bit of it, while others were a Little Bit more generous.English Subtitles