School Girls Pooping In The Woods

Goddess Andreea And Assistant Feeding Their Toilet

Goddess Andreea continue her movies with her assistant girl and they both use the toilet slave today including shit feeding. They are dressed in hosiery, pantyhose and stockings, skirt, top, boots, heels and they look great. The assistant first fuck the toilet slave ass with her hands, with 1, then both, sametime, doing a perfect fisting and double fisting. With slave prepared like this, Goddess Andreea then begin to piss in his throat then shitting in his mouth and oblige him to chew and swallow everything ! Movie was recorded with 2 cameras from 2 different angles, and also filmed by Goddess Andreea a small part

Mistressanna – Pounds Of Shit

This morning I have to shit badly ! I fill that my shit is already down and ready to come out . There is no time for games, my toilet is ready to catch pounds of shit ! I had eaten chicken with potatoes, now is his turn to eat it HOT and smelly ! He couldn’t eat all because is enormous but he will swallow all that is in his mouth . And few seconds leather i filled that the desert is coming too hahaha ! One last turd for him, right in his wide open mouth ! Now CLEAN ME !

Negligee Shitting

Sexy and elegant – still in my night gown, I am making these sweet little peaces just before your eyes – nearly pralines.But first I tease you with my sexy legs, bringing you into the mood for what is awaiting you. Though it is not so much and not so hard, I have to struggle a little bit – the little sausages don’t want to leave their cosy home willingly. So a little moaning and groaning is neccessary… have fun! 🙂

Thick Chocolate Balls Shitting Under Heavy Presses

I had to push quite a bit and moan until the big things were out there 😉