School Pee Boy

Mistress Roberta -locking In Chastity And Enema – Full

Today my slave is catch with 2 marks i didn’t left on him so i decide to punish him before feeding so today i am going to lock my slave in chastity and after do a enema on his face.I try to shit in his mouth but the shit is very resistent today and i decide to do an enema so i can clean my ass and give my pot something to eat so i do it and i get it all into his mouth and after i tell him to eat the shit pieces on the floor and the water from my ass and the pee, enjoy.

Recordable Mega-shit Sausage For The Next Slaves’ Mouth! Part 2

Here you can see the 2nd part from the Full Movie Recordable mega-shit sausage for the next slaves’ mouth!: And the next toilet slave who wanted to eat my big shit sausages. This slave, too, came to his limits! Because I was not shit for 3 days, so that he also got to eat properly. Have him directly from my horny asshole a new record suspicious mega-shit sacked in his mouth. You can see this from 4 perspectives. After he had his mouth fully full with my shit and his face was also full, he had to eat everything and swallow. I always had my shit stuffed nicely in his mouth while I sat on his upper body. When he had eaten 3/4 of the mega-shit he lay there like a pile of misery. But that did not interest me. Since I had to piss I have him still a mega-load piss in his mouth pissed. He also had to swallow it completely, mixed with my restless shit. I guess that this slave had no hunger and thirst all day, with these huge amounts!

Piss For 2 Slaves On The Summer Party!

Here you can see how I in the garden on a summer party, by my neighbors, 2 of my slaves, pissing in their mouths and their faces!