School Yard Piss

Mistress Giorgia’s Lipstick

Mistress Giorgia is getting tougher with her human toiletThe Mistress today plays in the bathroom and obliges her toilet slave to lie down on the ground.The toilet is completely destroyed and is used as an ashtray, while the Mistress smokes and the stimulus arrives ….The slave’s mouth is filled with piss, the slave struggles to swallow but the Mistress is inflexible and wants his toilet slave to drink everything!Then the poop arrives … the Mistress makes an abundant crap on the slave’s chest, which is invaded by the odors of her Queen.The slave has to clean up the dirty Mistress’s ass, who no longer uses toilet paper but wants the cleaning of his holes to be done exclusively by the toilet.The sadistic Mistress then takes a little shit with her fingers and starts to put the lipstick on the slave … then to clean her fingers obliges the slave to pull out the tongue …Inflexible and severely adorable Mistress Giorgia

The Toilet Slave Under Wc Chair Drink All

For the toilet slaven, it’s time to try the Mistress Giorgia Divina toilet chair.The Mistress obliges the slave to lie down under the chair, sits down and tells the slave open your mouth, toilet. The slave has to act as a real open-mouth toilet waits for the Mistress to begin to piss.She starts with an abundance of pee with ease and the slave is obliged to drink everything, very little pee goes out, everything else is drunk by the slave.The slave then has to make toilet paper with his tongue.The slave is very excited and the Mistress decides to do it masturbating, but when it comes to reaching pleasure she stops her hand in a spectacular tease and denial … The slave is exhausted and begs the Mistress to reach orgasm, but She’s inflexible says NO!

Licking My Mistress Before Beeing Fucked With Toys

For the first movie in March Mistress need a good tongue fucking in her pussy. She wanna cumm before she use slave for her dirty and perverse pleasures. She will fuck his asshole with dildoes, push 4 fingers in his ass, pissing on his back while he is fucked hard and obliged to lick her pussy and ass before she make a enema into bathroom.

Blindfolded Slave Eats Piss & Shit! – Full Movie

This apprentice slave is in the thick of training and right now he’s learning how to suck it up and take whatever’s coming to him. His teacher, the sexy mistress, is testing his limits now as she sits on his face and makes him eat her cunt real good. She places him under the portable toilet, squats on it, and shits and pisses right into his face, commanding him to eat it. Still not content with what she already gave him, she leans over his face and spits into his mouth, giving him his dessert.