Scrat Piss Video

Mistress Roberta – Cbt, Wax Play And Feeding

Today my pot i going to suffer first before being feed so first we have some cbt, i tie his cock and balls and put some wax on his cock and balls, i take some nipple clamps and put them on also i whip him a bit with the mini flogger and after all his pain and my fun i take the toilet sit and shit in his mouth an strong shit and pee on his neck, after i gather all that pee in the tissue i used to wipe and put the pee in his mouth too feeding him with a nice cocktail and push it down his troat with my hand, enjoy!

Write In The Wall With My Shit

In this clip the Mistress Giorgia Divina gives her usual good morning to all the eat shit toilet slaves!!!The Mistress fills an entire dish of her divine shit and then comes a fantastic idea: she takes her shit and starts writing on the bathroom tiles her name: GIORGIAAlways bizarre and extremely feminine in her gestures the Divine Mistress would like alongside a eat shit toilet slave licking all the tiles until completely clear the writing …Would you like to be the eat shit toilet slave licking all the tiles?

Dirty Alina Pooping In Red Panties

Dirty Alina Pooping in Red Panties

Shit Brown In Mass, Build Turrets Part 1

filmed from below upwards 🙂 Close-up, after the shit included 🙂 Part 1, in the next part of me in. .. I sit here in the geschissenen bunch!