Scream Diaper Poop

Princess Mia And Erin Toilet Slavery

In the morning the girls wanted to go to the toilet. The slave already waits in his place, tethered and ready. At first he gets a portion of poo-poo from the first princess Erin, then she goes to sleep. And instead of her, the other princess Mia wakes up and enjoys her slave toilet, which takes everything upon himself. He suffers and mumbles while his face is being filled with shit.

The Great Shit Eating! Part 2

Part 2 of the Full Movie The great shit eating!: The title says it all! A new slave served me here as my Living loo. He had applied to me and wrote to me that he would swallow it all, no matter how much it would be! Well, let`s see. I am extra for 4 days, not gone to shit! Now the slave was under me and my toilet seat and I Pooped him a truly gigantic sausage in his mouth. On the big shit sausage, I then, still on it pissed! Now he had to eat my shit! He chewed and swallowed my Divine shit!

Monster Poop On My Bed

I haven’t pooped in 3 days and I feel my load is gonna be a huge one! I’ve been constipated but when I finally get on my bed to poop, it comes out fast and huge! I thought I was gonna piss too and had this glass vase I was gonna pee my nectar in, but maybe next time…