Se Eats The Hole Turd

Insane Filthy Lovers. Part 1

It happens time to time that you have that irresistible wish in your mind to smear yourself completely and to become unite with shit, filth and dirtand when we have such wishes – they are usually common and happen in one day and usually we fulfill them immediately without any waste of time.Two crazy bitches with their master know how to make dreams into reality, how to make into reality the dirtiest and the most extreme things which some people onlyimagine because they are not brave enough. We know dirt, shit, vomit, pain mixed with pleasure.So join to us and get joy from the things we are doing with each other, and maybe this will make you more open minded and will show you theway how to turn your own dreams and wishes into reality.Enjoy.

Shitting And Peeing In A Baking Pan

Shitting and peeing in a baking pan (JJ000343)

Ayanna’s Still Blowing It Up At Work!!

Ayanna is back with three new public clips!! Enjoy as she lets rip in the employee restroom. She has made some seriously funky, nasty clips in that bathroom over the past year!!! Enjoy as she spreads her ass to drop off some nice logs from three different angles. On front facing, and two different overhead angles. Hopefully they aren?t missing her behind the register as she?s gonna be a minute!!