Second Piss Chug

Scat Meets Nylon

One of my most zealous toilets is filled with tons of pee and fresh caviar straight from the source. And the horny pig has swallowed everything greedy! With my caviar, however, it required some strict admonitions from my side, so that it chewed the creamy mass nicely and swallowed. I do not shit, so the slave spits out everything again! So chew it and drop it.

My Human Toilet

Mistress Giorgia continues the journey with her human toilet slaveThe Mistress today sits back on her favorite chair … the toilet chair!!The toilet lies under the chair and opens its mouth waiting for the Divine Mistress to fill her with Her fruits.The Mistress starts with a plentiful piss and the slave frantically moves under the chair to try to collect all the piss possible.Then the Mistress orders the slave to be watching closely… the hole in the ass of the Queen swells … and comes out a nice piece of shit!The Mistress takes it and puts it first under the nose of the toilet and then puts it on his mouth leaving him lying down with his shit resting in his mouth.But the Mistress is still not satisfied by her sadism and starts spreading her shit on the slave’s mouth and on her chest. The slave is totally abandoned and with the face full of his Queen’s shit…Always Adorable Mistress Giorgia

Two Girls Tightly Tied Their Slave And Humiliate Him.

Two girls tightly tied their slave and humiliate him. Stella beats this asshole over his dirty body while Mia sits on his face and strangles him by her ass. The girls laugh at him, beat and spit on his face. Then they scratch his smelly body with their heels, spit on him, walk on his body and laugh at this sleazeball. Then Mia sits down on his face, shits in the mouth, laughs. She closes his dirty face with a package, and then they write on paper humiliation and attach it to the body with staplers, then remove it and tear over.