See Pee In Toilet


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Althea’s Nasty Emissions

If Althea was a car, she would not pass the Emissions test!! In this clip!! She had quite the blowout from her ‘exaust pipe’!! It’s getting real messy in here!! She really stunk it up in this one again!! Enjoy her lovely grunts, plops & strains. She even takes a messy pee that gets all over the seat! Just when she thinks it’s over, she gets one last blast of farts and gas from the ass to hold her up! The most action packed clip yet from Althea!!

Public Grocery Store Poop

Im in the store cause gotta make dinner for my friends.But I have big RUSH to POOP!What I’m gonna do?Can’t hold it!There are so many people.I must do something very fast. But first gotta finish with my shopping …oh nooooo ..its coming out … GOSH I’VE JUST POOPED MYSELF A BIT IN STORE AND I FEEL THAT SMELL!OH no its so humiliating,hope no one wil find about it.Gotta go as fast I can to do toilet.Where did these people come from lol’Yes finally I’m in the store toilet but can’t hold it.I poop in my panties’.time for little fun now as I already released myself mmm.I can hear the people infront of my toilet,Im so humiliated but so horny.I cum in my panties,yes and now’ How im gonna clean myself and go out?Go OUT FROM THE TOILET NOW’Someone just knocks on my door.SHIT!NO!I will be caught with my dirty panties on!’

Big Shit From Office Chair!

I had to poo so bad and decided to do it from my office chair! Watch as the shit just falls right out of me as I also piss on the leather chair…so sexy!!!