Self Pee In Mouth

Japanese Femdom Scat 8.

Some very sexy and perverted Japanese Females using there male slaves as toilets !! This clip has a group of sexy and young Japanese Mistresses dressed as schoolgirls/schoolteacher with a male toilet slave. who they badly abuse, torturing his badly marked up body,giving the masochist slave brutal beatings, badly degrading the slave, before taking turns pissing and shitting into there toilet slaves mouth, and then making the pathetic slave drink there piss and eat up there shit !!

Scat At The Japanese P1

Lady Marie and Mistress Michelle are at the Japanese eating sushi. The slave sits at the table and is allowed to pay for the food. When both Scatqueens have to go to the bathroom, all three go. There Lady Marie has to pee and shit. The toilet slave is immediately on the floor and opens his loo mouth, so that Lady Marie can squat very close over his mouth. So Lady marie is peeing and shitting in his mouth, nothing goes wrong and everyone is happy.

Dinner Is Served!!!

It’s dinner time but my scat slave is not yet home so I decide to be a nice mistress for once and make his plate before he gets home. I have set the table and all you need to do now is come watch me piss in a glass and take a big shit on a plate and voila, dinner is served! It smells so good I am tempted to eat it myself but I’ll save it for him and I know he’ll be pleased…can’t wait for him to get here so I can watch him eat up all my goodness and drink my golden nectar…

Ayannas Pizza Guts!!

Ayanna is back blowing up one of your favorite Pizza Joints!! Enjoy as she takes us in on thre FUNKY Bathroom Breaks. The first clip is a front facing clip as we get to watch her facial expressions as she lets out her load. Then enjoy as she presents her dirty ass right in front the camera!! The second clip is a great overhead shot. Enjoy as she spreads her asshole to let out some great farts and logs!! She even fingers her ass with toilet paper and shows you the shitty results!! The final is a closeup sideview angle. Three Funky clips from the hardest working woman in scat business!!