Self Shitting Anal Cat Teen

Taste My Smelly Shit

Nasty shit for toilet slave is very deliciuos food. I have a more more tasty shit and it was right on your nose, all in your face. Slave must lick the shit off his face, so that it flowed into the mouth. I like when a slave eats my shit. Ha-ha

Toilet Time 18

This was loads of fun. Yeah I know…..In Toilet Time I’m supposed to shit in regular bathroom toilets but wanted to show you guys something special. My slave ate my bowel movement out of a plate two days ago and I ordered him to leave it dirty. Watch as I take a very nasty and big soft shit slowly right into this plate for you. Also see the closeup view of of shit still stuck to my ass…

Shitting Girl Tamy Monroe..

A sweet shitting whiteskin blonde newcomer this nice lady doing poops on a plate..