Sex Anal While Shiting

G P Pantyhose Farts Addiction

I know you are a slave to my ass in sexy fishnets pantyhose! I know you are waiting for my new video eery day and Your cock is starting to become rock hard when you see my new video and from my ass blowing these horrible farts up your nose in those sexy pantyhose;)Go ahead and scream of pleasure.

Stinky Farts And Shitting So Near-pov

I must so stinky and loud farting!! Ah then you can see so near in POV Position when the shit slowly comes on my rosette… can see the shit so near!! Come lick the stinky and shitty ass clean…..

Shit For Slave No 16 Part 2

Continued from Part 1 Slave 16 drives back in disgust and had enough

Squishy Scat Voyeurism

Your cameras are set up and you are waiting for the next unsuspecting ladie to turn up to use your new facility. For them, its just a normal public toilet. For you, it?s a ‘FACILITY’ to capture the variety of discharges. You never know what you are going to get which adds to the excitement. On this occasion, this unsuspecting lady squats down and delivers a nice stream of squishy scat. Just like chocolate moose and so easy to swallow! If only she knew what you was watching her?!