Sex Blonde Pooping

Shit Closer

A new shit clip. I sit on the toilet and shit in very close to the camera. look how my wide asshole.

Lil Stinks Scat & Tattoos!!

Lil Stink mixes a lil Stink with an up and close like you?ve never seen from her!! Damn doesn?t it look big and wonderful? I?m talking about her Tattoos of course!!! lol Plenty of ass, scat and tats in this one! This former shy girl drops bombs like never before in this clip! Enjoy watching these mega logs slide right out of that delicious ass of hers. DAYUM THAT ASS!!! All caps is no exaggeration in this one. Three great clips as she keeps it funky at work!! A nice runny finale in the third clip. This is by far her finest clip to date in my opinion!!

Pile Of Shit And Red Pantyhose

pile of shit and red pantyhose-very perverse show