Sex Com Vomito

Chocolate Bars For Slave

I love to tease my toilet slave bastard! When he is not there, he walks around in a chastity belt so as not to masturbate. And I shoot as I shit and send him. Excite my toilet and suffer from the inability to masturbate and cum.

Toilet Paper Tongue

Are you ready Mr. Toilet Paper? Are you really ready to clean my asshole of every little bit of shit?First I will shit while you are cleaning my high heels and my dirty feet. I will gag you with my foot deep in your throw. And after I shit is your turn. Prove to me you’re a man worthy of the job of ass cleaner to Mistress Anna! Clean this shitty mess that surrounds my asshole!

Funnel Piss Drinking

As part of my initiation to the frat, I have to endure the disgusting shit that the sorority girls will do to me. Turns out they have a thing for peeing all over neophytes, one that I secretly love as well. So I gave no protest when they strip me down and tie up, and there I was lying helpless on the floor. The bitches then peed on a test tube, which was hooked to a long tube that leads to my mouth. I get to drink their glorious pee, all of it!

Poop Poop Not Rustcht Away … Stack!

Something I’ve never experienced so .. that’s saying something 🙂 With so many crap videos 🙂 Since I poop in the bathtub and then something like that! Schaus out 🙂 of course I pee too .. is hardly different 🙂 Vieeeeeelllll fun!